House Pad Preparation

House Pad Preparation

The stability and longevity of the house depend on the foundation that has been developed. All houses are constructed above a house pad which serves as the primary layer of the foundation.  A pad refers to a raised ground surface that has been compressed.  House pad preparation is very crucial for the development of buildings and other structures. It requires expertise and skills for a quality pad to be developed. That’s why there are contractors who can undertake the work with the utmost care.

What factors are considered when developing a house pad?

House Pad Preparation

The pad is very important for the housing development and requires all factor that may affect its quality be assessed. Drainage is usually the most important factor to consider in any house pad. The design and slope of the pad facilitate both above and below ground water drainage. The water should be draining to leave the pad as it can lead to destabilization of the combated zone if not drained. Raising the pad above the normal ground level are some of the strategies that are used to facilitate drainage.

The soil material used in the pad require being evaluated to ensure it has good stability and has no unwanted properties. This is because some soil expands and become less stable when then absorb water and such soil ought to be avoided at all cost. Soil that has a mixture of sand, with sand being about 75% of the mix can create a safe house pad. The top soil can be opted to be removed or maintained.

House pad preparation without cutting corners

Many companies will aim to reduce the activities that are involved in pad preparation to maximize the profit. Such activities are dangerous as they expose the homeowner to high-risk economic and health wise. Here at JW Tractor Work, we follow all the required steps to ensure quality pad for your house. Some of the activities that we undertake during house pad preparation include:

Land clearing. The site where the house will be located requires to be cleaned removing all the debris and organic materials such as tree and wood product. Clearing is a must in order to have a quality house pad.

Deep raking and digging. This is not a must depending on the site. In cases where the top soil stability is poor, digging out the topsoil is important to replace the layer with a more stable material.

Feeling and compacting.  The site is filled with sand or mixture of sand soil. Using the compressor, the site is compressed with 90% soil density is achieved.

Tapering side. The age of the compressed site at a time requires tapering sides to facilitate drainage.

 Why contact us for your house pad preparation.

We have the required machinery to undertake the development of your pad successfully. We provide extra services such as advice on the materials required, we know reliable supplies and offer the compaction certificate. If you wish to have quality compaction, done with no rush or shortcut, don’t fail to contact us. We are at your service for all house pad preparation requirements.